About Relationships

Men and women differ a great deal in the number of emotions they carry and even in the way they deal with the emotions they have. Most men usually tend to be less emotional and less expressive than most women.

Whenever a relationship is happy and fruitful, it lasts longer. For some even this might be a reason for concern. It is especially problematic with regard to women who tend to get ‘clingy’ in successful relationships.  Some of them are unable to take stock in their feelings and as a result, it may overwhelm their men with all kinds of overtures. However, some women resort to this behavior due to past bad experiences, which make them very insecure.

A bad relationship of the past makes the affected woman feel that she may have to bear the pain once again. This makes her defensive and she may take steps that can be termed by some people as ‘shrewd’.

Emotions, if tapped in the right direction, can be used to improve relationships and for making them longer and more fulfilling. However, there are some guidelines you must follow in order to do a productive tapping of the emotions.

Rules for Successful Tapping of Emotions

Don’t make an effort to know everything about men – This turns out to be the most wasteful exercise you can undertake. Men are strange and there is no way to gauge their ‘strangeness’. Also, never make an effort to know the reason why your man did something.  Men do a lot of things just for the heck of it. The best option is to just let them be.

Cultivate positive thoughts – Most times, your man may not express it but he still loves you. You have to be positive about yourself and also about your man’s feeling towards you.

Emotions under control – Whenever a woman gets overly emotional she tends to lose control over her actions and speech. Positive emotions can be good for any relationship but negative ones can spell a disaster. It is, therefore, a good idea to not get carried away by any kind of emotions. Whenever you feel overwhelmed, stop yourself in the middle and take a rain check on whether your feelings are justified.

Keep your mind off him – Whenever there is something that troubles you about him (a particular habit or action), try to steer your mind away from it. Think of your friends, family, the day’s other events and anything that helps you take focus away from him.

Do not throw emotions at him continuously – Face it, too much emotion can drive anyone insane. Imagine your best friend talking and getting emotional with you all the time. Would you like it? Probably no. No one does. Spare your man this trouble.

Let go of your fears – Fear is the biggest handicap in the world and quite literally for relationships too. The more you are scared, the more you tend to paralyze yourself and your man.

Feel good about yourself – A confident and self-assured woman is someone not many men can resist. Carry a positive self-image and see it work wonders for you.

Get up close with yourself – A woman who knows what she wants will gain confidence of her man in every sense. Keep the good emotions rolling and find good men who want to be up close and personal with you… all the time.