About Relationships

Men and women differ a great deal in the number of emotions they carry and even in the way they deal with the emotions they have. Most men usually tend to be less emotional and less expressive than most women. Whenever a relationship is happy and fruitful, it lasts longer. For some even this might […]


When do you start to change the family dynamics? Is it you or the children to change? Within each family there are different situation that is played out each day and it is sometimes difficult for the families to understand or heal their differences. Some of these family dynamic are the parents are not satisfy […]

Nurturing the Gift of Relationships

Barbara Streisand sang, “People, people who need people, are the luckiest people in the world.” If it is true that people need people, then one should wonder: — Why stress over maintaining relationships? — Why the excuse that you are too busy to call or visit loved ones? — Why the feeling of being overburdened […]

It’s About Relationship

By the time I was born (1951), 90{61b85cf53e624da00390891d67c3fa0d3bb8db5d98c4a1999b50860858dcfcc6} of my environment was composed of things gleaned from information, not nature. (Maybe 99{61b85cf53e624da00390891d67c3fa0d3bb8db5d98c4a1999b50860858dcfcc6}, I grew up in Brooklyn!) As such, the vast majority of my decisions have been based on what my head thinks, rather than what my heart knows. My ancestors, for example, were indigenous […]

It Is All About Relationships

As a local business, you face constant pressures from big “box” stores and other national companies that compete for your customers on price and selection. They sell things cheaper than you can buy them for, they run multi-million dollar marketing campaigns and they have more items in their stores than you could ever hope for. […]

to Ask Your Child About Your Family

Sometimes in the daily business of parenting and family life, our conversations become focused on all those tasks to be done, the rules, the humdrum of life, the ordinary and the mundane; those emotionless directives or comments that do nothing to create intimacy or a real connection between family members. And it’s easy to presume […]


It can be incredibly hard when visiting your family, as you might not have a great relationship with them. Your significant other might not get along with them either, and this is a problem that is known worldwide. How do you handle the thanksgiving dinners? Do you even have to deal with it? It really […]