Life Phrases About Relationships

I pump energy into my relationships.

The great killer of affiliations and kinships is to take them for granted.

I liken this to the energy that holds the universe together. That energy is often called gravity. While gravity certainly exists, it is not well understood. But somehow, the entire Universe is under the influence of that energy. Without it, the Universe as we now it would collapse or fly apart. This gravity is kind of give and take affair. Each object or wave within the Universe attracts other objects or waves. The earth is pulled toward the Sun as it revolves in orbit. The earth tries to pull away from the Sun as it flies through space. The two draws sort of cancel each other out and the Earth remains in orbit. If either the Sun or the Earth were to suddenly (or gradually) withdraw its gravitational influence, the two bodies would drift apart. To the great detriment of those living on earth.

Very much the same sort of thing happens between friends or in human relationships of other kinds. Energy must be pumped into the affiliation, or the tie will unbind, and drifting apart will begin.

I observe that much of society, at least in the west, has let the pumping subside. Yes, we have new gadgets and apps for those gadgets that could help people pump energy into their interrelationships. Social media is it often called. But even this becomes old for the users and the energy output slacks off. People are either so busy or pretend they are so busy. They then neglect to pump energy into their system of relationship. I have seen it happen in circles of friends and even in families where there is blood relationship.

Just as the Sun and Earth system must constantly feed itself with energy exchanged between the two to maintain the system, so must humans. You cannot simply believe and act like systems will take care of themselves. If new energy is not pumped into them, the system’s structure will decay. Sooner or later, the arrangement will, literally, fall apart.

When you do not want to have this happen, you need to pump that relationship-energy.

Here are some suggestions:

– Genuinely seek to get a true answer to the question: How are you doing?

– Respond to that answer in a real and substantial way.

– Haven’t heard from a friend recently? Take the initiative to be in contact.

– Remember special days, like birthdays and anniversaries.

– Communicate useful thoughts on subjects your friend is interested in.

Energy-pumping is not difficult. It simply takes genuine involvement in your friends and family.