Success is All About Relationships

A part of achieving success is to consider the value and importance of sound relationships. In every area of your life you will encounter relationships.

Why relationships?

Because we are human beings, and as human beings we are designed to interact with other human beings. This involves relationships. Without the appropriate skills and knowledge to manage your relationships the success you are hoping to achieve will escape you.

In the first instance the relationship you must consider is the one you have with yourself. If you don’t appreciate yourself, chances are that you will project that dislike to others. The more you appreciate yourself, the better your relationships will be with others. How you feel inwardly will be reflected on the outside through non verbal communication like body language. The higher your integrity is, the more you will feel better about yourself.

The family relationship is the next one to consider as they are extremely important as you tread your path to success. Failure here will not see you succeed elsewhere. You require a supportive partner as a sounding board and someone who encourages you in your endeavors.

Your business relationships follow closely behind family relationships. How you deal with customers and suppliers has a major influence over the security and productivity of your company as well as the success and growth. Poor relationships with these stakeholders will lead to poor performance. In a world of many business competitors, I strongly believe good relationships with your customers is the catalyst to your business success.

It is vital that you learn to manage your frustration as you deal with relationships. We all encounter problem areas and awkward situations that will annoy and irritate us. If you can manage your frustration and in turn reverse a sticky situation with an individual into something positive, you will be well ahead on your road to success.

Treat all people you meet as important and treat them with respect. There is a saying, “be nice to all people on the way up the ladder as you never know you may be meeting them again on the way down!” Be sincere in your dealings with people you meet. You just never know that the person you help might be able to help you or unbeknown to you may even report back to your boss what a great job you are doing! Or not doing, as the case may be!

Finally, you should be able to see how healthy family relationships, a willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty at work, and an ability to consider the next person as important can be instrumental in helping you along your path to success. Success is not achieved alone. The fact remains that we must deal appropriately with people and nurture our relationships if we hope to achieve success.